Get Into Your Groove

Ladies, we have to talk. I’ve been working with married and single women about how to open up sexually. It’s time we start taking sex into our own hands (pun intended). It’s time we start appreciating and even loving our bodies. It’s time we start owning our power.

Here’s the deal, our lives open up when we’re having amazing sex. I mean AMAZING - neighbors can hear you, panting, glowing the next day sex. We open up our intuition, our creativity booms, we effortlessly draw in the things we used to long for.

Imagine how much would change if you felt happier everyday.
How about if you grew significantly more confident?  
What if you could reclaim all your energy and passion?


All of that will start to happen (and more!) when you’re consistently having the orgasms you are designed to have.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I never stopped to think about deserving physical pleasure or my sexuality. Now that I have, my marriage is improving and I feel connected to my body. I can’t believe how numb I was for all those years - I’m so grateful to be waking up now.
— AL


The key to the castle lies within

Once you know how to do it for yourself, you can show others. Sex with a partner will dramatically improve and so will every other aspect of your life. 

Some of you know what I’m talking about and still have a hard time reaching that orgasm when another person is trying to make it happen for you. Our vaginas are DIRECTLY connected to our brains. If our head isn’t in the game, there’s zero chance. Zero Chance. We’ll be diving into this. I have tools.


The Details

Recorded workshops will be emailed to you every Sunday. Watch it and jump on an optional group chat every Thursday from 7:30-8:30pm CST.

At the end of the series, schedule your 1-1 call with me to create your personal action plan moving forward.

Sessions start Sept 23 and end on Oct 18, 2018

You don't have to be on the calls to take the course!

This course is designed to ensure you are completely comfortable. We'll be live on Zoom which means you can have your camera on or off, ask all the questions you want and/or watch later on your own.

I did one section of the homework in Video #2 today and within 10 min the “hot” guy at the office came out of his way to tell me I look happy and to keep smiling. #ftw
— JV


You Deserve More. Let me show you More.

Be prepared to go at your own pace. This is about accepting WHO you are and WHERE you are today.

No pressure. No rushing. NO JUDGMENT!

We'll have one month together. One month that will change the way you think about your Inner Power.

Since working with Lizzi, I’ve noticed that I’m happier in my job, feel more confident in my skin and was able to open myself up to an amazing relationship 6 weeks after we completed our sessions. I feel alive again.
— SC

Four recorded sessions, four live chat sessions, a private call with me and all the questions you want answered.

Tips, Tricks and Tools to wake yourself up.


*Sign up closes Friday, September 21.

Grab your girlfriends and get back into your groove!