Why Energy Editing

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? A new job? Earn more money? Find the love of your life? Get rid of the stress that keeps you up at night?? Energy Editing helps people find the programming that no longer serves them and removes it. These are the detrimental teachings that have been there since you were a child. They are nearly impossible to recognize when you’ve never known life without them. Through Energy Editing, I show You how to heal You. We do it together and work to set your new life up the way you actually want. The work happens in our sessions together. This is not magic, it’s work. It’s cleaning out the old thoughts that don’t fit anymore.

“After a few sessions with Lizzi, I noticed my response to stress had dramatically changed. The issues coming up at work didn’t change, but my physical and emotional response to them did. I find myself able to handle any work crisis with a clear head and move on without letting the frustration spin in my mind for days. I feel I’m a better leader for my team now than I was 6 months ago.” CM

What Is Energy Editing

Energy Editing is about deleting and replacing the old limiting beliefs, fears and doubts that were programmed in your psyche long before you knew what a psyche was. We all have patterns that show up in our lives. The patterns that feel negative, the ones we wish would disappear, come from our beliefs and most of those beliefs come from childhood teachings - the majority of which are NOT true.

The tapes that have been playing in our heads are POWERFUL. The Universe only knows how to say “YES!” If you’re constantly sending out the message that you’re not good enough to have a great job, plenty of money, a loving partner, or a healthy body; the Universe will answer with the only answer it has. Your results will tell you exactly how you feel about every aspect of your life.

“Four days after our session, I felt that a weight had been lifted and I had a renewed drive for success! Old wounds no longer had the same power over me. I am stronger and more confident as my own creator. I know anything is possible for me.” Raquel Jex

You are likely saying, “That’s crazy. Of course I think I deserve a great job, plenty of money, a loving partner and a healthy body.” But the results don’t lie. If you believed it, you would have it. Think of all the things that come easily to you. Those are the positive beliefs! You don’t even think about creating them, they’re just there. It’s an effortless flow, right? Well, the same works on the flipside.

A person who was told that they have to work REALLY hard to be successful is going to create work experiences that feel REALLY hard. A person who was programmed that “you can’t have it all” will create a consistent feeling of falling just short over and over again. That old saying, “Be careful, don’t let the rug get pulled from under you” creates an inability to ever settle into happiness. We create what we believe.

“After what can only be described as a life altering Energy Editing session, I continued to work with Lizzi, mostly to work on professional blockages, and I have seen a world open up that I had convinced myself was no longer available to me. I have recently embarked on new work and volunteer opportunities that I know Lizzi’s sessions paved the way for. It’s not just the sessions, it’s the homework and the follow up she provides. She is fully invested and I am so grateful.” Katy Caldwell

What I love about Energy Editing

For YEARS I had been "doing the work" to move forward in my life. This work is NOT for those who want to stay where they are and keep complaining. This work WILL change your life. You WILL move forward and you WILL start cruising through goals!!! Ready to get Unstuck?  Contact me and let’s MOVE ON UP!

"Though I was very skeptical at first, I dove in and gave Energy Editing with Lizzi a shot. My life opened up honestly less than a week after my first session. I previously felt absolutely stuck in my life with a black cloud hanging over me. I saw so many amazing things ahead of me but quite literally felt my feet stuck in cement preventing me from getting anywhere near it. I never expected such big changes to happen so fast and it blew me away! I am beyond excited to see where the work can take me from here!" Jacqueline Gould