Be the BEST SEX of Her Life

You’re already great in bed. Now be the guy that rocks her world so hard she not only tells her friends about you, but they tell their friends about you.

Be THAT guy. We all desperately want you to be THAT guy.



what we’re doing

This is about giving you an insider perspective to what most women want when it comes to sex. There are core “do not miss this” things we want when we’re naked with you. I’m going to cover those in extreme detail.

I’ll get into finer details as well. Most importantly, I’ll teach you how to read the signs so you’re never going in blind again. Learn how to help her open up so she can let go. Then watch the fireworks! Your cock (and her pussy) will thank you.

WHy do it?

For starters, do it because everything you’ve ever desired a woman to be will unfold when she’s being properly fucked. She will help you raise your own bar. You will become the very best version of yourself.

On a practical level, do it because not enough people are talking about how to be incredible in bed. We need to get into details. There’s no way for you to know, so I’m going to share the goods.

On an egoic level, you’ll be the guy she fantasizes about forever after.


For the sake of every Superman fantasy you’ve had…be our superhero.


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How we’ll do it

I made a video. Watch the video whenever you want as many times as you want. Email me questions if you have them. Easy enough?

The video starts with things like how to warm us up, how to know when we’re really ready, how to effectively communicate, how to give us multiple orgasms multiple ways, magic spots you need to know about, how to properly fuck us the way we are designed to be fucked. This is not about generic dating tips. This about the physical and mental workings of the incredibly complicated yet magnificent pussy.

I’m showing you how to leave us in a state of complete bliss and radiance. Trust me, if you’re the guy helping make that happen, we will never EVER forget you.