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Too many of us spend our lives feeling “fine” waiting for greatness to finally hit.

We tell ourselves that once we have the right partner, the right job, the right condo, then we’ll feel the joy we hear others talk about. You’ve been working hard all these years climbing ladders and patiently (or not-so-patiently!) waiting your turn.

You feel your next big birthday looming and think “how can I be turning X and still be here?”


Why not Access the Upgrade NOW?

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The first step is admitting you have a problem. Yes, your life is good. Yes, you make a good living, you have a good job, you have a nice family and you live in a nice place. These facts are not lost on you. You feel like a jerk complaining. You understand that people have it way harder. You judge yourself for complaining. And yet…aren’t we all allowed to be HAPPY. Not just fine, but really, truly, happy?

Is it time to shift the blocks that are keeping you from loving your life? Ready to create a joyful life that you can actually FEEL? 

There are happiness blocks that have to get out of your energy before that can happen. If you believe in your core that no one gets it all, you will never have it all.

Access the Upgrade helped me get crystal clear on what insecurities are keeping me stuck and gave me tools to work on them. This has been the first step in changing my path.
— Stephanie B


HERE'S THE KEY, It’s not as simple as thinking happy thoughts.

Happy thoughts are great, but if negative thoughts are etched in your energetic body, those happy thoughts can’t get very far. For most of us, those were programmed before we could spell “annoyed.” 

Let’s be clear – I’m going to show you more than how to think happy thoughts. I’m going to show you exactly what old beliefs, emotions, stories are stuck in your subconscious AND how you can DESTROY them.

Energy Editing will CRUSH the underlying negative thoughts. Your life will start to flow, you will start creating what you ACTUALLY want and it will feel fan-f*@king-tastic!

Three weeks into the program, I noticed I felt more calm, less negative and so much happier. Situations that would have set me off in the past rolled off my back. I’m showing up in a very different way.
— Janice L

We want our happy moments to last longer than 30 seconds. We want to enjoy the life we’ve created without the “yeah, but” following close behind. We want to sit at brunch and feel excited to share our successes. We want to go to a wedding without dreading being asked, “Why are you still single? You’re so great!”

I promise, it IS possible!

I don’t think you’re a brat for wanting more. I don’t think it’s greedy to want to make a ton of money, have a fantastic love and enjoy your career…I think it’s a given!

I can see a huge difference in the way I take care of myself. I never realized how low on the totem pole I was. Things are so much easier now.
— Sarah L.

Ready to give it a shot? Ready to change your life? Ready to go from fine to Great? 

We’re going to shift your blocks and allow you to start creating more abundance. You’re going to be able to actually FEEL all the great things happening around you.

Access the Upgrade is a great self-discovery course that allows you to better understand yourself. It’s one hour of your week to solely focus on your mind and spirit + 10/15 minutes an evening to reflect on your day. It’s best thing you can do for yourself. I’m taking away tools and feel goods that will help me in the future.
— Emily G.